Alexia White-Smith (preferred name Lex) was raised in Washington, D.C. and now resides in Philadelphia, PA with their cat, Karma.

Lex is a self taught artist. They first started drawing at the age of five by recreating characters from the Sunday comics. A year later, they received a keyboard where they learned to play songs by ear, and read sheet music. Ever since, Lex has followed their love and curiosity for the arts throughout their education. They attended Duke Ellington School of the Arts for vocal performance in D.C., then moved to Philadelphia in 2009 to attend The University of the Arts as a Communications major with a focus in narrative filmmaking. 

Though Lex loves all forms of art, they have found a new passion within illustration. It is their goal to become a full-time artist/illustrator. Check out their new collaboration with Philadelphia Printworkers called Sunkissed Goddesses!